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Hello Moa World,

Hopefully you have all followed and enjoyed the London 2012 Olympics. Moa’s involvement has been vast – we have had everything from “Qualify for London” in-store (and on-premise), “Shout a NZ Olympian a Moa” online, “The Golden Hour” on-premise, Kiwi House in London (and beer mules print ad), PM Gala Dinners and Governor Generals Dinner, the rings on everything, and plenty more. It has all been hugely successful and has been extremely well received, by accounts, punters, the NZOC and the NZ Olympians themselves.

The Olympics have now drawn to a close, but the memories, especially of the good times at Kiwi House, don’t have to fade. Because we caught it all on camera (thanks to a photographer named Fran Hales) and film (thanks to 90 Seconds). If you haven’t already please check out the following and help us spread them far and wide.


MoaMan – Day 1, Kiwi House: watch here
MoaMan – Moa Hunting at Kiwi House: watch here
MoaMan – NZ Olympic Rowing Medalist, Kiwi House: watch here
Moa Qualify for London Winners: watch here
Moa Founder – Beer Tasting at Kiwi House: watch here

There will also be a “Closing Ceremony” video posted up in the next day or so and also a video about Moa in Singapore.

view here

view here
view here

My favourites are the Rowing video and “Golden Guns” with a Moa magnum (below).

Thanks heaps to everyone for your contributions to this phenomenal campaign. We’ll endeavour to send a more detailed report with key statistics, wins, the next week or so, once everything has wrapped up.

Cheers, Sunil