Newsletter July 2012

Hi everyone, after a roller coaster of emotions both good and bad in the last couple of weeks I had to think or ask myself how to start this newsletter. Obviously the beginning is perhaps the best place, so here we go .When Goldie arrived back from Australia after our second place in the Tectaloy International drift challenge it was discovered that it had damaged the engine quite significantly. Andrew from Rota speed built a brand new engine over the course of 3 months including the use of 3mm ceramic seals, as we have been having on going troubles with bending the carbon seals that we had been using. It was decided that to ensure 100% reliability we would engage some professional’s to prepare the car for our assault on Singapore this year. FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL Goldie was sent down to Ross at Dobson’s Auto Centre in March to be prepared, including a change of ECU from Link to Motec, fitting the new engine, a new carbonetic triple plate clutch, along with a different mechanism to operate the clutch amongst many other modifications that were observed could cause a problem. No stone was left unturned; this level of preparation was what we believed to be the key to achieving the results that have been just beyond our reach in past years. After a really successful shake down at Hampton Downs, the car was loaded into the container at DGX and sent on its way, this time we were ready, no one could of for seen the problems we were to encounter three weeks later.


Tuesday 26 June

Arrive in Singapore after an uneventful flight in anticipation of what lay ahead, we were looking forward to catching up with Seetho from Bardahl, Candice from DGX, Andrew from Moa brewing company and Edward and Rifka from Multistrada (Achilles radial).

Wednesday 27 June

This was the only day free for shopping and a look at the sights, we caught up with Seetho and Marine for dinner, after this the boys headed off to Clarke Quay in an endeavour to lighten their wallets at the many bars that can be found in the area. $68.00 for four beers was a shock to their system to say the least.

Thursday 28 June

Not everyone was firing on all rotors in the morning however as the day progressed things improved as it was now time to get down to business.

The first engagement was a press conference to kick off the event at one of our new sponsors Moa Beer’s premises Moa was the official beer for the event and the launch was a really successful affair held in a great atmosphere of this new Bar and grill.

Check it out next time you are in Singapore at 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 Changi City Point.

We caught up with Edward and Rifka, it was great to put a face to the voice on the phone.

After a question and answer session with the press the Achilles official drivers Daigo Saito, Robbie Nashida, E.Adwitya Amandio, Rulli Armando and Daynom Templeman were then transported to YHI internationals fantastic facility in Pandau Rd for another engagement that included the signing of some really cool plaques, These will be displayed in the showroom.

The team at YHI were really hospitable and everyone enjoyed the experience especially all of the media that were present. For those of you that don’t already know YHI are not only the distributors of the best tyres on earth” ACHILLES” but also they distribute a variety of the more recognised brands of performance wheels ,batteries and of all things Golf Carts.

Maybe they would be interested in distributing the best additives and lubricants in the world Bardahl? After the formalities at YHI, thank you YHI for your great hospitality, it was back into the city for an Autograph session and media conference prior to the premier of a new movie called Motorway...

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